BE/CS 196 ab

Design and Construction of Programmable Molecular Systems

a = 12 units (2-4-6) second term; b = 9 units (2-4-3) third term    |  second, third terms
Prerequisites: none.

This course will introduce students to the conceptual frameworks and tools of computer science as applied to molecular engineering, as well as to the practical realities of synthesizing and testing their designs in the laboratory. In part a, students will design and construct DNA circuits and self-assembled DNA nanostructures, as well as quantitatively analyze the designs and the experimental data. Students will learn laboratory techniques including fluorescence spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy and will use software tools and program in Mathematica. Part b is an open-ended design and build project requiring instructor’s permission for enrollment. Enrollment in part a is limited to 24 students, and part b limited to 8 students.

Instructor: Qian

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